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Owning your own website doesn't have to be intimidating
We can help you launch and manage your own website.
Owning your own website doesn't have to be intimidating
We can help you launch and manage your own website.

Planning your own event from scratch can get overwhelming — especially when you’re not an event planner by trade.

I’ve been there. Years ago I dove into planning my own wedding with zero event planning experience or guidance… and it was hard. While I loved the savings from not having to pay a full time event planner, I found it next to impossible to set and stick to a budget, book and negotiate contracts with vendors, and manage the seemingly ever-changing guestlist and RSVPs on my own.

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People aren’t born knowing how to plan big events

After my wedding was over, I logged on to Facebook with the intent of leaving all the wedding support groups I joined. But before I could leave, something caught my eye: A post from a bride-to-be who, like me, had a tight wedding budget but NO idea where to start with planning her wedding. I thought, “I can totally help with that!”

After replying to her post, I scrolled and responded to the next one — a bride in over her head trying to book her own vendors. And the next — a couple begging for any advice people might have for DIY event planners.

That’s when it dawned on me: Since people aren’t born knowing how to plan events, and they shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel, perhaps I could share the skills and tips I learned along the way to help others.

As you may have guessed, I ended up not leaving those Facebook groups. Instead I used their questions and others to create and perfect my Event Planning Masterclass.

If it’s not in your budget to hire an event planner, but the thought of doing it yourself feels like a nightmare, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what you get for just $200 with my masterclass:

40 hours of event planning video courses

Not sure where to start? My videos will walk you through every stage of event planning in chronological order.

Step-by-step processes to follow for the toughest event planning tasks

Eliminate event planning overwhelm by following my proven steps to manage your guestlist, vendor contracts, and more.

A PDF with all my favorite websites for ordering decor and favors

Ordering event materials can be risky — what if it’s ugly, tacky or both? Save yourself time and budget with my most trusted sites.

My supplemental guide for specific events

Every event is different. Planning a wedding isn’t the same as planning a birthday party, corporate event, baby shower or bat mitzvah. Check this guide for supplemental tips for planning your next specialized event.

A fill-in-the-blank event planning timeline

Knowing when to do what is the biggest juggling act in event planning. Use this timeline to organize your to-do list.

My fair contract checklist

Sign vendor contracts with confidence knowing that you’re not locking yourself into a bad unfair contract.


Is the Event Planning Masterclass right for me?

This masterclass is perfect for you if you’re wanting to take on planning events yourself without the stress of figuring out everything from scratch.

I’m on the fence. Is the Event Planning Masterclass worth the price?

The average experienced event planner charges $70 an hour… At $200 for my entire masterclass — complete with 40 hours of video content and countless resources — you’re saving hundreds of dollars and learning skills that you can use for every event you plan in the future.

What if I buy the Event Planning Masterclass and it’s not what I hoped for?

I tried to make my masterclass features as clear as possible, but if you find yourself disappointed, email and tell me your thoughts. I’ll get back to you and we’ll come up with a solution!

Don’t just take it from me;
See what some of my customers have to say!

"I bought the Event Planning Masterclass two years ago for my wedding, and I can’t even tell you how much money, time and stress it saved me. My friends thought I was crazy to plan my own wedding, but now they want Taylor’s program, too!" - Madi J., Texas

"If you need to plan an event and value your time, you need the Event Planning Masterclass. Plain and simple." - Denise R., New York

"This masterclass was something I initially bought for my 20 year class reunion (and it was great for that!), but honestly I’ve used it for every event I’ve planned since then. It just makes it all so easy!" - James L., California

Planning your own event gets easier

With my masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

  • Feel confident planning your next event, without the overwhelm factor
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors so you don’t get ripped off or surprised by extra fees
  • Pace yourself so you don’t end up with any last-minute emergencies

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